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Free Download From Napoleon!

Friday, April 18, 2014
Pedro Garcia

If you like free stuff and chillout music, then you just might like this. Napoleon, who is Simon Mills and half of the duo Bent, has released his four track EP titled A Treasured Family Visit. Along with the release, he is giving away "Sherwood Zone," a track from the EP for free. Napoleon's inspiration for the EP was his time as a kid in his home, which explains the nostalgic sound it exudes. "Sherwood Zone" starts out with a great sample, that I hope anybody who ever played video games in the 90's will get, then it goes into full on chill mode. From the melodic synths, sweet vocals, and well used video game samples, all you'll want to do while listening to this is melt into your chair. In fact, the entire EP is consistent with this quality. The Ep is available on his website, which you can check out below: If you happen to like this (which you should), support his music by buying the EP or liking him on Facebook. He has started a very ambitious project where he will release twelve 4-track EPs this year. A Treasured Family Visit is his third, so he still has a ways to go, and he will need as much support in order to finish it. You can check out his first two EPs on his website, along with his other albums that he's released.