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Bluetech - Laika

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Colin Rinehart

Whether your summer past time is skating, boating, driving, drinking, baseball, or clown college, it's always nice to have some laid back ambient music to enjoy your non musical hobbies with. This track off of Bluetech's latest release Spacehop Chronicles Vol. 1 can fill that void. Spacehop Chronicles Vol. 1 is inspired by the journey of a Russian space dog. On November 3, 1957, a Moscow street dog named Laika was launched into outer space and became the first living creature to orbit the Earth. She was never expected to survive the trip, and history tells us that she died within hours of take-off. Laika has a different story to tell… The poem posted along with the album on Bluetech's seems to suggest that the spirit of Laika is still out there in the milky way somewhere, judging us, but most of all waiting for us.
"my name is the death that calls us all home. dont pity me. don’t call me sacrifice upon an altar of titanium and rust. i live beyond what you know of me, i eat the world you can’t even see and it sustains me all the way home. someday you will remember. someday my name will catch in your throat and you will begin to give a gift you never received."
Spacehop Chronicles Vol. 1 explores some of the same themes, the unknown and liminal spaces, as his previous release Illuminated Gates. It also attempts to tackle the feeling of being underappreciated, but not necessarily being mad at it because it's the way it is supposed to be. Very interesting topics to have been inspired by a Russian space dog. Bluetech is currently on a U.S. tour which started at the beginning of this month in California, and will be wrapped up in Maine in October. His next stop is in Ozark, Arkansas on July 5th.