Discover Fakear’s New Mini Album “Sauvage”

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Bonobo and Flume had an amazingly talented love child? Well, let me tell you, his name is Fakear. Fakear (pronounced Fake-ear) is an electronic music producer hailing from France, that, since 2010, has taken the European music scene by storm. With his 2011 EP “B I R D,” the world was given a glimpse of the immense talent this producer has to offer.

musicbox_fakear_bandeau (1)

Since then, Fakear has continued to captivate audiences with his electronic sweeping sound. Drawing on influences from around the world, Fakear’s tracks take you on a journey from East to West. Recently, Fakear has released new EP “Sauvage,” which contains a track titled “La Lune Rousse”- one that I really believes showcases his beautifully organic sound.

Fakear – La Lune Rousse

Each of these 7 tracks on the new album has something very unique to offer; I particularly love his track “Neptune”- which has an especially bubbly sound, that, if I had listened to with my eyes closed, would have easily mistaken for a Flume track.

Fakear – Neptune

Maddy Bahner

Maddy Bahner

Maddy is currently a senior at the University of Washington studying Public Health. When she's not studying or sleeping you can find her twerking or hula hooping at the nearest music festival.
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