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Must Listen - deadmau5 Silent Picture (Grabbitz Vocal Edit)

Sunday, September 14, 2014
Ben Morris

tumblr_lngyur8zmH1qzfm4jo1_500 This new vocal edit of the deadmau5 song, "Silent Picture" needs playing repeatedly. It's so subtle, it barely registers on the radar, and yet it begs the question, "Why aren't more deadmau5 songs layered with vocal edits? I liked While (1<2), but felt something missing throughout. It was missing those out of left-field vocals seen on the veldt, Raise your weapon, those songs that leave tingles all over. It is true Joel Zimmerman has the musical prowess to make anyone feel chills within the first four bars of strobe and many more. But what I would love to see more than anything is widespread vocal accompaniment. Give one listen to this song and tell me you wouldn't love to hear a vocal edit of just about every deadmau5 song... Make it happen Joel!

deadmau5- Silent Picture (Grabbitz Vocal Edit)

Lyrics: I see you look the other way. I know you long for something new. So there you're wasting all your days, looking for something that is right in front of you… And I just want them to notice you. And I will never let go of you. There's something flying in the air, and I just don't know what it could be. The smoke is flying everywhere, I'm getting the feeling it's the end for you and me. And I know that we might be through, but I - I'll never let go of you.