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Welcoming Autumn With Napoleon's Chill Track

Thursday, September 25, 2014
Pedro Garcia

So we all know summer is about driving fast with the windows down, blasting upbeat music, and being generally loud and vibrant. So what's autumn all about? Well, this track from Napoleon should get you headed in the right direction and set the tone for your autumn mood. Napoleon's just remixed "Inferno" by Livin R Feat. Gravitonas vs Zeff, and the outcome is amazingly soothing. Now, who exactly are Livin R, Gravitonas, and Zeff? I don't know, and after hearing the original, I want to keep it that way... So now that summer is over, there are two things you can do:autumn 1. You can be depressed about the shorter days and colder weather for the next six months. 2. Embrace autumn for what it is, which is just a chiller version of summer. Whichever option you choose, it will greatly be improved by purchasing this track, which is already out. autumn