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Ma Luca Portrays A Perfect Day in If We Ran For It

Monday, November 03, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

You know those hipster park pictures, the ones that have the sun’s rays perfectly bending around the beautiful girl? The ones that transport you into the picture and make you never want to leave? [caption id="attachment_27928" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Hipster Girl OTB Yeah like this one...[/caption] Everybody wonders what music would be playing at that moment. At long last, Ma Luca has answered that question with ‘If We Ran For It.’

Ma Luca - If We Ran For It

The journey begins with a haunting guitar riff that flows like the breeze through the forest as Ma Luca adds in a beautiful drum beat to compliment the guitar that guides you deeper. The mystical voice perks your interest as you proceed further down the rabbit hole to be left falling. This piano bridge hits every deep spot in our body as chills rush down your body. The spacey aura surrounding the second drop reminds you of the sun’s rays lighting up a beautiful flower. dandelion OTB Ma Luca The drums kick back in guiding you back as the piano lingers in your memory wishing for that beautiful moment to last forever. The drum beat is so technical and quick that most people will miss it. But I promise you, this song will make you press play again and again so you’ll catch it soon enough. As you head out to your evening shenanigans, yes I said shenanigans, take a moment and give your body a nice reset with this tune. The calming melody will certainly drift you off into a great mood, you’ll feel invincible.

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