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You Will Love these D.V.S* Remixes

D.V.S* (yep, that's really his name, asterisk and all) broke into the mainstream last week with the release of his So Butterfly remix for Bassnectar's Noise Vs. Beauty remix album. He has already made a name for himself, touring with the likes of STS9, EOTO and RJD2, but I predict he will blow up following this latest release. His melodic, downtempo take on So Butterfly is the album closer, and, in my opinion, the best track on the entire remix album. This song is just dripping with lush vibes; it is an absolute pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. D.V.S* takes songs we already know and love, and makes them, dare I say it... better. As a trained guitarist, D.V.S* incorporates various string instrument sounds into his re-works of classic favorite songs, from The Beatles to Ill-esha. The result is soulful and beautiful. I didn't think I could like Disclosure's Help Me Lose My Mind any more, but then I heard the D.V.S* remix. Here it is, along with four other notable remixes.

Disclosure- Help Me Lose My Mind 

Odesza- Say My Name

The Beatles- Because

Ill-esha- Crossroads

Pink Floyd- Us and Them 

Unlike a certain Norwegian remix wonder, D.V.S* remixes don't all sound the same. Some tracks are glitchy, some are housey, some are sensual. Many could fall under the genre nu-disco, an electronic music trend that is becoming quite popular, and I could not be happier about it. One constant you will find in every D.V.S* remix is that the sound is immensely pleasing to the ears. D.V.S* finds the best aspects of a song and highlights them. As an added bonus, most D.V.S* remixes are available for free download! Finally, here is a D.V.S* original (with Psymbionic) from his album Hit The Clouds Running.