Blackmill & Mt Eden Show Us The Future of Chillstep—Now

A Return To Chillstep

After nearly two years, the elusive and magical Blackmill has released a new track, this time alongside the New Zealand duo Mt Eden in what has to be one of the most anticipated collaborations ever for chillstep fans. With his mysterious and sudden silence on producing new music, and then teasers of what was to come along side tweets hinting at a Mt Eden collaboration, the wait has been long and hard for Blackmill fans, but that wait is over.

Titled “Now” Blackmill and Mt Eden, arguable the best three chillstep producers in the world, show us once again how music can move you in ways you didn’t know possible. With beautiful heights, melodic lows, signature swells from Blackmill, and those bass and drum lines only Mt Eden could come up with, “Now” is everything we could have wanted and more from a Blackmill & Mt Eden collaboration. Breaking away from the over-hyped fast paced EDM trends, “Now” hearkens back to the good old days of chillstep. Keeping a slow and consistent pace full of some of the most beautiful melodies, “Now” is more than just another electronic dance music track; it’s a journey into sound.

Find more from Blackmill and Mt Eden via the links below, and if you enjoyed this track, I have included a few others of Blackmill’s that you may wish to take a listen to as well.

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Matthew Jager
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Matthew Jager
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