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MaLuca Sends Us a Message in “I Couldn’t Leave You”

Sunday, January 18, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

I don’t know about you but things seem to be stressful these days. It must be the holiday slump coming on, or that bitter cold weather coming through. Whatever it is, MaLuca reminds us to sit back and relax with his recent track “I Couldn’t Leave You.” This is the Winter of Chill.

MaLuca – I Couldn’t Leave You

From the light guitar riffs into the relaxing beat, MaLuca redefines the meaning of Chill. Instead of the synthesizer overlay we are used to hearing, MaLuca strips the sound down to a natural vibe featuring the normal set-up (you know two guitars, one bass and drums) and adding extra surreal sounds mixed in the background. His music takes us away as images of crisp nature in the bitter cold pass by your thoughts. Just Chill Out Records got the genre right, this is Ambient Chillout. MaLuca gives us another beautiful track after he wowed us with “If We Ran For It.” Continuing in the same style, MaLuca is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists as his music is playable at any time. I’ve listened to his tracks at all points in the day, right when I wake up, mid afternoon daydream and at night as I stare at the ceiling trying to nod off to sleep; his music is perfect. Just Chill Out Winter MaLuca I Couldn't Leave You If you haven’t checked this Irish kid out yet, you are missing the birth of someone important. Give this track and his others a check on his SoundCloud page and enjoy his free downloads. Give him a like on Facebook. Remember, Winter is chill season.