SoySauce, BackPacks and Lunch Money

So now that Yung OJ has followed me on Soundcloud, I think it’s safe to say that the music world has an internal pulse for creative DJ names.

But seriously, what did I tell you?  Lunch Money and SoySauce is all you need to survive this Summer.

The four tracked EP, mastered by SoyBoy and Royal, is righteous in itself, and creates the most effective atmospheric feels around.

As you listen to its entirety and read the blurb I’m about to continue with, note that I would be lying to you if I said “Cashmere Cat and SBTRKT” weren’t my first thoughts that came to mind when the Soundcloud playlist shuffled to “Gravity Waves” (which quite possibly could be my favorite on the EP).


It could be that the sixteen year old Hegemon native, Saturn adds an interstellar property to create a lustful masterpiece or perhaps it’s the already beautifully snared out epic and trippy instrumentals…. either way, this track is set on repeat by far and will definitely be hitting the nearest radio station by you fairly soon.

This is the only quad-ed out playlist you will ever need on your chilled and relaxed days.  If that’s not enough SoySauce for you, keep up with the Social Artist project on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, hit up iTunes to purchase it in full as all the proceeds go towards the BackPack program.

Gabby Espinet

Gabby Espinet

Growing up in northern New Jersey, near NYC, has heavily exposed me to my true passion; music. Uncovering new tracks is my guilty pleasure and I feel that sharing them with the world is my duty.
Gabby Espinet
- 2 days ago
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