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Beshken Induces Us With A Smooth Yet Bouncy Beat

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Gabby Espinet

Ever spend time waiting for underground artists to be swallowed by the hype? For artists, delving into such a question can be the bane of ones existence - perhaps because they have doubts they will ever transcend or maybe because they aren't concerned about their involvement with the mainstream crowd. Whatever the reason, artists and producers just do what feels right for their music career with the hopes that their original content will flourish. In what will always be a cut-throat industry, you either have it or you don't. It's a two way road, the path to success or the pavement to pulverization. Beshken doesn't annihilate, but conquers an artist's worst nightmare of journeying on such a road. The producer delivers a smooth rendition of THEY's, "Motley Crue". It sets aside THEY's hip-hop contribution, whilst beautifully tying in Beshken's electronic influence. With vocals in possession aligned with undertone riffs and 808s, you have a flow so lit you might combust. Next Wave Records, home to artist's Bearson, Mark Johns, Atlas Bound, and more, has succeeded in absorbing such talent and continues to support the artist, whose savoir-faire radiates through music. At 19-years-old, the LA native has released an EP called Closed Doors as well as produced a vinyl. The feels are strong, so if you are in the mood for undergoing some strangely chill yet bouncy sensations, then do not be afraid to throw the dough. For Beshken, the concept of taking over mainstream mediums is not a concern. What is, is staying true and taking that risk of putting out what you believe to be valuable in the hopes that others will vibe with you. Do something special for your ears this leap year, and listen to Beshken's (trip) of THEY's "Motley Crue".  

THEY. - Motley Crue (Beshken Remix)