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Sink Into Deddori's 'The Message'

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Andrew Tessler

The anonymous and innovative Electronic group Deddori is changing how they want songs to be released and interpreted. Based out of Qatar, their project is an audio and visual experience that will be comprised of 13 music videos, telling a story piece by piece. The entire production is done by members of Deddori who, as we said, would like to remain anonymous. This is a unique idea, especially if it's captured by a cinema company and they still choose to remain anonymous. Deddori got their idea from a random night on a bike ride, and wanted to focus all 13 videos solely on that while background tracks bring you into a dark and mystical place. Their idea is not to get you to dance, but to get lost in your own mind while watching and listening to their series. You may think-OK, these guys are on a bike ride and want to create a movie and tracks just based off of that idea, but where do they get their influences from? We have that answer covered for you as the group wants you to feel like you did when you either watched "Tron" or "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. Daft Punk did the soundtrack for "Tron" and it was quite unique and futuristic. Deddori wants you to get dark and deep with the narrative and really lose your mind. The opening track from "The Message" definitely brings you into a deep and dark place. This surely isn't a track that you can dance to or even feel happy about. "The Message" does get you lost in the dark synths and spooky narrative of the video and Deddori certainly gives a creepy aspect to what they're doing with this. The duo is shooting this whole idea with NO license and a DIY style with literally no budget and only natural light. Talk about some serious talent there. The video does make Qatar look like a pretty sweet country to visit too. It almost feels like you're with them ready to do some James Bond-type stuff. Overall, I'm pretty into this idea and love how Electronic music has branched out so much.

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Deddori - The Message

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