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Burridge's All Day I Dream Kicks Off Summer World Tour In LA

Wednesday, June 07, 2017
Dawn Runge

Dreamers, rejoice! Lee Burridge's cult-status positive-vibes-only parties have taken over the world for the summer. "All Day I Dream: A Summer of Love World Tour" kicks off the six month tour in Los Angeles this Sunday at the same venue as the New Year's Day edition earlier this year. After the opening party this weekend, the All Day I Dream crew hops around the world to chic metropolises and festivals until December. Dates include events like Tomorrowland, Sunwaves and Art Basel. Cities include New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Rio de Janeiro. Events will remain open-air. The ADID parties continue to grow exponentially, fueled by the rave reviews by attendees. ADID earns those reviews; this isn't your cousin's basement party, it is a carefully curated experience. ADID has a team of dreamers behind the scenes that work for months to provide an ethereal and intimate escape. Beware: if dark techno and pitch-black basements are your thing, ADID won't be. Its more of a sexy spot of comfort in a grinding world. Dreamers also bring their creative sides, with wings, parasols, furry coats and more - adding their own flair to the already aesthetically pleasing event. In addition to the 22 tour dates, All Day I Dream is releasing a Summer Sampler 2017, digitally on June 16th, and physically on July 7th.  Our preview listen backs up the feeling that ADID is going to continue batting it out of the park. For example, PHCK's "Death of A Butterfly", included on the sampler, evokes clear skies and cold drinks. If you haven't yet joined the 100,000 Dreamers across 10 nations, here are the tour dates. We highly suggest you make your way to one. Contact information is below for more information on tickets. All Day I Dream Summer 2017 All Day I Dream Tour Dates

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