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CIty Hearts LA Stokes Up Energy For Desert Hearts Festival

This month, Desert Hearts brought their City Hearts tour home to the West Coast after a few tour dates throughout the U.S. Only The Beat attended the Los Angeles event at the Belasco Theater in downtown. Downtown LA theaters can be a bit tricky for dance music due to their closed-in sound and spacing set-up. This didn't prove to be an issue for City Hearts, instead allowing for spaces where different moods could be expressed. One of the admirable things about this party was the excellent crowd control and bathroom ratio. The venue felt full and there was a lot of visual stimuli and chances for interaction without feeling overwhelmed by space restrictions. Lines were present but moved quickly, and there were enough bars and staff to ensure that the dance floors stayed stacked. There were so many different sets within the party that were inspirational, but for this writer, Atish was one that kept my attention for his full set. However, the other sets were also great, competing with each other and keeping the attendees moving rather than being stagnant. Atish's set kept me planted on the basement dance floor for his time, before I began to happily drift between floors again. If you don't like Burning Man culture, or sets that are passed around from Burning Man, then a City Hearts party would definitely not be your vibe. If you love sounds that full of multicultural influences, dystopian beauty and dreamy feelings, then you should definitely check it out. Outside of the actual music, one of my favorite things about Desert Heart parties and other Burner-inspired parties is that there is full culture within the event. For example, at City Hearts LA, amazing vendors like Wolven Threads and Love Tribe offered everything from goggles for Playa dust to fabulous coats, glasses and glitter-izing. I may or may not have bought a psychedelic cropped colored fur coat that kept me warm on a trip to Mammoth Mountain this past weekend with a gorgeous embroidered Asian-inspired lining - unfortunately I can't seem to find a vendor name anywhere. I am crushing on B Glittz' pizzazz-filled dresses and necklaces, and will definitely be purchasing their "Ur not invited 2 our techno party" t-shirt. [caption id="attachment_39466" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The author wearing a coat and leggings from vendors at City Hearts LA event- leggings by Wolven Threads. Playa wear is not just for the desert. The author wearing a coat and leggings from vendors at City Hearts LA event- leggings by Wolven Threads. Playa wear is not just for the desert.[/caption] Outside of vending, if you are aesthetic-oriented or love costumes, City Hearts parties give you a small insight into the visual feast that Desert Hearts Festival will offer. I had a friend visiting from Berlin, and this was his first U.S. party, and his absolute favorite part of the party was all the different looks and different materials and colors that people dressed in. He laughed in joy and wanted to touch all the materials and thought that the creative energy offered here was incredible. From shirtless tights-wearing fellows, to jewel-adorned goddesses, visual engagement wasn't lacking. Most of the attendees seemed pretty pleased with their experience- I didn't hear complaints when I inquired with various people. There were easily accessible outdoor areas for those who wanted to smoke or just get air; there were multiple but intimate areas that flowed into each other without feeling stagnant, and the different rooms offered environments that were different without being jarring. In all, I can say that Desert Hearts brought together what a party should be: friendly people, creative personalities, great music, and engagement on a variety of levels. Desert Hearts Festival is approaching quickly, with three City Hearts tour dates coming up in the next few weeks: Portland, San Francisco, and Brooklyn.  Follow links below for more information on the festival and other tour dates. [caption id="attachment_39469" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Desert Hearts Festival Desert Heart Festival comes up at the end of March[/caption]  

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