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Last-Minute Gifts For the House or Techno Head Who Has Everything

Friday, December 22, 2017
Dawn Runge

Giftwrap paper above from, created by Justina Blakeney

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Hanukkah is over, Christmas is Sunday, and Kwanzaa the week after. We're in the thick of it. So if you're cutting it close, or are brain dead from weeks of holiday parties, we've got some last-minute gifts for you. If you can't stop in to a store, you may be able to convince an Etsy dealer to ship overnight (for a price). And with the UPS delays, you might get away with a belated gift. 1. Techno Kitchen DJs and cooking has become a thing- its not unheard of for artistry to pass over from club to kitchen. Seth Troxler did a set of "DJs Cooking" videos with artists like Jackmaster. Los Angeles label Perfect Driver broadcasts a regular livestream of artists playing while dishes are prepared. Higher end electronic music events are often preceded by special dinners. So, the DJ in your life has the best audio mixer on the market, but does he or she have the best kitchen mixer? KitchenAid is hitting up the stylistic side of the market, offering their top-of-the-line mixer, coming up at over $200. last minute giftsspoon nespressLast-Minute Gifts Is your techno friend too cool to eat, and would rather pensively sip coffee? Say no more. Nespresso's Vertuo matte black coffee and espresso machine is available for around $175, but it is discontinued so get grab it before its too late. And don't forget the matching Gibson Paradiso mug ($4, Bed, Bath & Beyond) and mini spoon ($6, CB2). And it doesn't stop there. You can spruce up your tableware with a cutlery seat from Walmart for $22 (pictured) or a higher-end set from Mepra set for $168 from Bed, Bath & Beyond. The store also offers the Gibson 16-set of dishware (pictured) for $70 or Macy's offers similar for $60. If your recipient is an avid enough chef, the Staub cast-iron dutch oven from Williams-Sonoma is a lifelong and versatile gift at $99 (pictured). If you want a bigger upgrade, Le Creuset offers a $370 version. last minute gifts dishset dutchvovenlast minute gifts The ultimate all-black-everything kitchen gadget? A matte black fridge. The pictured fridge is at lower range, from Whirlpool ranging about $800. Models are also available from Frigidaire for the same price. KitchenAid and GE make models close to the $2000 range with more bells and whistles. While this isn't a typical of a holiday gift, if you are in the mood to treat yourself or forgo usual gifts with your cohabiting significant other, this could bring lasting *MOOD*. 2. Bohemian Gods & Goddesses Music festival season in the U.S. is still months away, but the early bird gets the worm. This is an excellent time to get previously-loved custom made hats, furs, and sparkly things. Hit up Etsy and support your local artists while also giving your loved one a unique gift. Last minute giftslast minute giftslast minute gifts We love Shovava's scarfs, of various animal wings and designs on ultralight fabric, full of color. Prices generally range from $50-$80.  They are hand painted then digitally printed. Materials are your choice of 100 percent cotton, silk-cashmere, or silk. A newer look we love is also sunglasses without the normal arms. MyWillows sunglasses (pictured) has a wide range of looks for men & women.  Pricing starts at $50 and they offer gift cards. Similarly de-armed, slightly less practical but no less rad are Light Matter Jewelry's dreamcatcher glasses. They are similarly priced to MyWillows.  Who wouldn't have fun wearing these? last minute giftslast minute giftslast minute gifts Looking for something to add to your friend or family's sanctuary? We always recommend checking your local shops and vintage dealers. If you're looking for somewhere to get inspiration and fun gifts, we've been following Jungalow, a lifestyle website. In addition to gorgeous stylings and musings, creator Justina Blakeney has also designed several items. This includes the "Good Vibes" tray that sells for $12, this journal for $18, and this gorgeous insulated water bottle for $35. 3. Party Monster You will be your loved one's saving grace if you could help drag them from the pits of a hangover. An ex-Tesla engineer took a clue from his South Korean heritage to create Morning Recovery, a drink you take after your last alcoholic beverage before bed (pictured). The active ingredient, DHM, comes from the Hovenia dulcis or raisin tree. It blocks the reaction that leads to a hangover. A six-pack from their website is $30, and currently if you purchase one, you can send a 6-pack to a friend: win-win. We haven't tried it but reviews are positive so far. If bed isn't really a reality for the after-after party set, foldable sunglasses are a way to reduce the judgement in your Uber driver's eyes. Brands like Ray-Ban offer multiple styles for around $150, and we like the Dalvey version pictured above, coming in at $94 that come with a sleek case that fits in your pocket. ROAV are also designed well, at an even compact measurement, costing about the same as the Ray-Bans.  If you don't trust yourself with those, Amazon sells a pair for $5. last minute giftslast minute gifts If your friend missed the night-before boat and wake up like a parched desert dweller who has a marching band in their head: say no more. You will become an angel with the thoughtful gift of an IV Drip therapy. They don't come cheap, starting at around $200 if you can drag yourself to places such as The I.V. Doc in 20 cities or $150 at Drip Doctors in LA. For ones where you feel near-dead, you can order one directly to your home with services like The Cure LA, with dehydration-only services starting at $200. Service availability decreases in smaller cities, but it is worth checking out. Its also a good idea to check Groupon or similar services, as these groups sometimes do promotions. Dancing all night long? Bed Bath & Beyond and Ulta carry the Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair Kit (pictured) for those sore tootsies. Another option would be a spa gift certificate for a massage or day using salt or clay rooms- we know they could use the detox! 4. Jetsetter If your loved one doesn't have TSA advanced clearances get, TSA's Global Entry or private-security version Clear would be a great gift.  Both cover international and domestic travel. Global Entry is $100 for 5 years and Clear's is $179 a year. Clear may decrease security time by 5-15 minutes per flight at this time. They also have a partnership with Delta, so if you fly frequently with them, you could get a great discount. In addition, many higher status credit cards reimburse the fee for Global Entry. Both include collection of biometrics and security data- but nothing the government couldn't or doesn't already collect on you. If you have criminal history or felony arrest, it would likely compromise your ability to get either. last minute giftslocketsleepnoddy Sleep masks, travel organizers, passport covers, portable battery chargers (solar especially) and luggage tags are so plentiful, you can reflect the personality of the recipient easily.  The items pictured above are a little more unique. The world locket from Red Truck Designs is customizable and has room for 2 photos. A scarf is always handy for travel, but this one is special because it has a hidden pocket in case you don't want valuables easily visible.  The Sleep Noddy is an alternative to those donut-shaped travel pillows that never actually offer you support. Some are currently on sale for $17. If the recipient is extra special, another cool option is the emerging translator earbuds. Google's Pixel earbuds have gotten a lot of attention, but they do require the Google Pixel phone and don't work offline. A ton of progress has been made this year in this area, from devices like Pilot, the Ili and Lingmo. They average in price from $150 to $300. Go here to compare for your travel needs. The future is now! 6. A Sure Bet Remember, if you are reading this, you probably already know that your loved one enjoys house or techno music. So buy them some, and support the artists that they love! Its best not to guess which kind if you aren't familiar with their "scene", as electronic music is incredibly varied. Luckily, we have technology to help us out! If you follow or are friends on social media, check their "likes" section- most people have "liked" the artist pages they like to keep updated.  Write down 4 or 5 of these. You can check to see if that artist is playing near you any time soon, and purchase their tickets to that party. You can also see if they've publicly RSVP'd to any upcoming events, and stealthily purchase a ticket for them. If they seem to always be on guestlist, you could get them an iTunes giftcard, or a Spotify membership. Currently, a lot of upcoming festivals also have early-bird tickets available. If they make a yearly pilgrimage for an event or have spoken about their desire to buy a ticket, check into that. If you aren't sure of what event they go to, but know that they fly to an event once or twice a year, you can also get airline gift certificates. Good luck!