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New Artist Collective Seeks to Make Your Monday's Lucid

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Alex Blake

Musical and creative development has evolved over time, but never more so than what we have seen in electronic music. Struggling against overwhelming popular influences and a tendency toward basic four-on-the-floor beats (which isn't ALWAYS a bad thing), artists continually strive to set themselves apart and define their own niche in the ever-growing electronic music world. Lucid Monday, a collective made up of young artists with a range of disparate backgrounds, seek to brighten not only your week by releasing new tracks every third Monday, but to enlighten the electronic music scene by bridging their diverse sounds and styles to constantly push musical boundaries. Drawing inspiration from other collectives such as OWSLA and Team Supreme, Lucid Monday understands the benefit of a creative group dynamics and simple strength in numbers. "I love working with new people and creating new things," Julius Woods, one of Lucid Monday's co-founders said. "We will keep recruiting and adding new talent so our platform will always be filled with a spectrum of fresh music." banneronblack Lucid Monday has even gone so far as to recruit a designer, Georgie Briand, for the project who will be focused on infusing the musical elements into a clothing line and other merchandise. It will work to embody the musical values Lucid Monday seeks to promote while helping generate revenue to host future live shows, develop new artists, and distribute the latest music to the most listeners possible.

Get to know the artists of Lucid Monday's latest releases:


Ethereal. Eclectic. Dreamy. These all describe Julius Woods a.k.a. czar.'s first release, do not disturb. Drawing from his time spent with a Oscar-winning drummer Weng Wai, his self-taught piano skills and his intuitive understanding of beat mechanics, czar. is just getting started with what is sure to be an explosive career.

czar. - do not disturb


Dilip is unambiguous with what he, and Lucid Monday as a whole, seeks to say with his first track through the collective, We Are Not Them. Building off of a dreamy, almost floating bass line, playful droplets drip in and out of the upper registers, pushing a Hip-Hop vibe in the direction of an aural dreamscape. Be on the lookout for an EP in the future to truly define this producer's unique style.

||DIlIP|| - We Are Not Them


The wonky, dark, and dystopic beats of callahan. are in a league of their own. His track Grail, represents a culmination of atmospheric sounds and foreboding bass lines this multi-instrumentalist can pack into a few minutes. Like the other artists with Lucid Monday, his EP is on the way, and it's sure to help redefine what we see as the future of bass music.

callahan. - Grail

D R E /\ M E R

Heavy bass hits, horn blasts and a descending synth line combine to create a catchy track and exhibit clear understanding of musical theory. D R E /\ M E R steps in as Lucid Monday's first East Coast presence (hailing from Maine) and without a doubt makes a name for himself with his track Stand Up. We know he's made tracks for his friends to rap over, now it's time to wait and see what future collaborations he has in store for us.

DRE/\MER - Stand Up


A creeping bass line and a Snails-esque saw-like synth throughout, iMOK's Traptar is exactly what it sounds like. Hypnotic and heavy, iMOK has released tracks with Damaged Sound and Dubsnatcha UK. Hypnotic is an understatement with regard to iMOK's tracks, as they'll put you into a bass-induced trance.

iMOK - Traptar

With even more tracks on the way, Lucid Monday is sure to be at the forefront of some of the best new music out there. Be sure to check out their other artists and the aforementioned designer Georgie Briand, and follow the latest developments at their newly launched website. The days of dreary week beginnings are over. It's officially time to make your Mondays lucid.