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Secret Solstice Debut Party Gives Light at End of Tunnel

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Dawn Runge

I stepped out of the Austin airport into darkness. While the chillier temps don’t touch my home in Southern California, the winter solstice falls on December 21st. This means the sun currently sets a little after 5 pm and I bundle into a blanket burrito. But not this week. This week, a proverbial ray of sunshine makes its way through the winter dumps. The Secret Solstice Festival announced its phase one lineup last week, and I've traveled to Texas to celebrate with some of its U.S. representatives. The Icelandic festival, still half a year away, picks the best from multiple genres and sets them among Iceland’s glaciers, hot springs, and dormant volcanoes, all in the extended 24 hours of sunlight that occurs during the summer solstice. [caption id="attachment_39187" align="aligncenter" width="717"]Secret Solstice First phase line-up announced[/caption] Three of the acts – Droog, Thugfucker, and Kinda Super Disco – planned launch parties in Austin and Houston in honor of the lineup announcement. The timing aligned perfectly with my attendance of Day For Night Festival, so I decided to head to Austin as my first stop in Texas, wrangling my friend Jain to do some dancing. Our mission: to summon favor from the festival gods for a fruitful upcoming season. Secret Solstice   The venue, Ethics Music Lounge, has been doin’ big thangs since their debut in March. I slightly regret that the weather prevents me from experiencing the open-air vibe of the rooftop, since it is covered in the cooler months. Festival events bring friends from all over together, and so there was quite a motley crew joining us in Austin.  

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I also attended the Houston party, which gave Kinda Super Disco home field advantage. They packed the house with loyal scene crew and quite a few characters from out of town looking to stoke their pre-festival party fires. The weather may have been overcast and rainy in both cities, but the featured artists brought those sunshine vibes. I look forward to doing it again during a sunny midnight dance in June.