Behind the Beat | Interview with Tasadi

Tasadi’s new album ‘The Ancient Realm’ is a unique themed album in which each track that was produced corresponds to a wonder of the world or a major landmark. Tasadi […]

MARKOVE brings Hardstyle a New Life

Being a native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has presented many obstacles for a genre newcomer. Hardstyle hasn’t reached the shores of the United States en masse yet, but […]

Jason Jenings Comes Full Circle in Canadian EDM

Life sometimes comes with unforeseen twists. It’s definitely the case for DJ/remixer/producer JASON JENINGS from Toronto, Ontario. Originally a dance music promoter and DJ, Jason‘s events grew so popular authorities ultimately banned him from promoting. […]

What is Your DJ Blog Really About?

Are you hoping to fill up Google results page one with your DJ name? Sure, having your own DJ blog will help. Maybe the search shows your music on Soundcloud. […]

PRiZM, the EDM Peak Time Party Rocker

PRiZM, the ‘EDM Peak Time Party Rocker’ recently dropped his latest massive Electro House production “TiME LiKE THiS” on his MILLENNIUM RECORDINGS label and it’s BIG! PRiZM recently being seen headlining and rocking events around […]

Reflection of Sound and Space with Zyna Hel

OTB: What in your life has influenced your music? Zyna Hel: When I consider my life’s experiences, I feel like they all feed in to my music in sometimes subconscious ways. I […]

DJ Harlo holds it down for EDM in Oregon (Interview)

Jason Harlowe aka DJ HARLO drops his new STEP UP EP on Mixed Heritage Studios/Ferrrara Multimedia. The Trap minded release features STEP UP (title track), Cinemalife and Steve Rock Tribute. Inventive sound design is combined with clever sampling while retaining a peak […]

Timothy Chia: The Man Behind Zoukout

Hailing as the Southeast Asian mecca of clubbing, Zouk nightclub is the leader in electronic music in the region. I talked to Timothy Chia, Head of Marketing & Events about his work behind […]