12 Days of EDM Festivals

Whether you’re in a  German biergarten or attending a South American soccer game, singing is an integral part of community celebration. It brings people together in a way that only music […]

Don’t Become Too Meta About EDM

We love electronic music. If you don’t love electronic music, then what are you doing here? Research? If so, go find a different article. You won’t find anything even slightly […]

The Most Exciting Part of EDM in 2015?

In case you aren’t familiar with reddit, in which case I wonder what you do on the internet anyways, it’s a website that brings users together in a forum and […]

EDM: Redefining Street Warfare with Araab Muzik

Art is mimicked, parodied, and reformed every time someone attempts to recreate anything. The accomplishments of one person are picked up by someone else who looks at those accomplishments and […]

EDM: Expensive Dance Music pt. 1

What’s your favorite sport? Chances are, if you live outside the U.S., it’s soccer (excuse me, football). A single sport so vast in its following and participation that countries don’t want […]

Beethoven Would Be A DJ

I was once told that, out of modern music, the song structure and style of heavy metal music is most similar to that of classical music.

I Have Made Music My Own First World Problem

When one approaches any rite of passage, or significant accomplishment in life they tend to take a look at themselves from a different perspective. Why shouldn’t they? Soon everyone else […]