Addicted to Love, sex, music and doughnuts.

Addiction. It’s something each and every one of us suffers from. Music. Love. Sex. Doughnuts. When I can I try and stick with dance music as my main vice, but […]

Merrick Presents Senseless Vol. X: Capriccio

We have been honored over the last year to work with Merrick on his stellar 10-part mix series that we’ve released exclusively on Only The Beat. It’s been a pleasure […]

Philthy Chit & Trilucid – Harmony

Get ready for the feels when you press play on this new tune from Philthy Chit & Trilucid, here’s a hint, they kick in at 55 seconds. Released only two […]

TBT: Sun Gone Down

Talk about a fantastic Trance track. It’s only fitting that as we head into fall we take a moment to think about everything that’s happen over the last 10 months. […]

Ranked: The Best Kaskade Songs

I’ve always been a huge fan of the site, it’s kind of like buzzfeed, but without all of the editorial content and more interactive. We’ve done some really fun […]

Merrick Presents Senseless Vol. iX

“This is perhaps the most special mix I have ever made. For the Senseless Inspire mix, I wanted to bring my listeners on a journey throughout the music that inspired […]

Camp Wild delivers Wide Skies and Wide Eyes

When I was approached to share this new full length project on Only The Beat I was told it would be something “new”…Something “different”…But I hear that everyday. So of […]

5 questions with Arno Cost!

1. You are evolving your When In Paris concept (currently a radioshow and event series). Not many artists decide to create own brands or having own musical concept. Do you […]