Artists To Know In 2017: Hype Beast

I first connected with Steven Tran last summer while putting together an article for Paradiso. If there is anything that stands out about the guy, it’s his unrestrained enthusiasm for […]

Anomaly Music Collective Volume Two Release Party

You don’t have to be particularly observant to see the Pacific Northwest is anything but lacking in their music scene. But beyond the obvious rich history and massive festivals and plethora […]

A Few Quick Things Before Freaknight

Hey. Let’s talk about safety and responsibility for a minute. I know, I know…that’s not the fun stuff. It’s much more exciting to focus on the costumes and lights and […]

Magnifique: Transcending The Rave

As September 17th approached, I think no one, not even USC Events, really knew what the weekend was going to be like. Even the weather couldn’t seem to make up […]