Obseen Will Make Your Hotline Bling

Come say hi to Australian up-and-comer, James Guido – the mastermind behind Obseen.  I promise it will make your hotline bling. Don’t be fooled by his up-and comer-status though, as he […]

Beshken Induces Us With A Smooth Yet Bouncy Beat

Ever spend time waiting for underground artists to be swallowed by the hype? For artists, delving into such a question can be the bane of ones existence – perhaps because they have […]

Prime your Face for this new Young Bombs

Last night, I experienced an amazing feeling.  I was emotionally  crippled by the music gods, in good will too. This track has been soaring through my head all night.  It’s […]

Kygo Blesses the UK with an Endless Summer

This Fall, the heavily populated city of Camden is about to swoon away from its windy, indie-influenced flair to undertake a palm tree paradise as the altruistic, signature Tropical House […]

SoySauce, BackPacks and Lunch Money

So now that Yung OJ has followed me on Soundcloud, I think it’s safe to say that the music world has an internal pulse for creative DJ names. But seriously, […]

ANGELZ Delivers a Track From Above

I like to sporadically break out into dance.  It is a comfort thing. And if you like to participate in these types of harmless shenanigans too, then this track is […]

Stay True to Digital Farm Animals

I think the biggest mistake people have been doing is sleeping on Digital Farm Animals. Vibrant sounds have been surfacing throughout the industry for quite some time now, but the […]