Stephen Questions Who Is Caught In The Crossfire

Music has always been a speaker with which we, the listener, hear the world’s heartbeat. Throughout human history, it is the medium, the language we all inherently learn to speak. […]

Beat the Sunrise with SNBRN and Andrew Wyatt

Summer might have ended as a season, but thanks to the glory of music, the vibes live on in music. Particularly in LA-based SNBRN‘s latest track, “Beat the Sunrise”, a […]

Noisestorm Pulls Off The Heist Of The Century

Dublin’s Eion O’Broin, more widely know as Monstercat‘s own Noisestorm, is back with another show stopper. His latest track, “Heist” is a bombastic charge of production madness. Noisestorm really went […]

SkismXTrampa Unleash Super-massive Black Hole

Music: The final frontier. SKisM and Trampa co-producing a track to boldly explore strange new sounds, to seek out new grooves and new fans, to boldly go where no producer […]

Face The Darkest Hours With Spor and Memetrix

Whether producing under the moniker Feed Me, or his slightly lesser known (but nonetheless epic) project, Spor; John Gooch knows how to decimate minds with sheer sonic prowess. For his […]

“Freak” Music Video Gets Real

Music is a journey. Each of us travel different paths, and once in a while there is a track that brings us together in a feeling much bigger than ourselves. […]