Kaizer Says Hail Caesar! Hail Freebies!

British native Kai Lear, aka Kaizer has released “Caesar”, a free triplet-fueled electro-house weapon! Very good about releasing free music, Kaizer has made a name for himself with his special brand […]

Osiris – Brand New From Olly James & Swede Dreams

Englishman Olly James teams up with Canadian teen-wonders Swede Dreams to bring us “Osiris” for the low, low price of free.99! Whether you like big-room bangers or not, one thing that’s indisputable is the […]

Ookay Teams Up with Riggi & Piros for “Dafuq”

Featuring on his anticipated Ghost EP, “Dafuq” is the latest collaboration between trap legend Ookay and big-room giants Riggi & Piros. A huge party track following the big-room trend we’ve all come to […]

iZotope’s RX 4 is Like Photoshop For Audio

“I can’t imagine doing my job without RX.” – Cameron Frankley, Sound Design (Terminator III, The Hangover Part III, The Lego Movie) iZotope – A name synonymous with audio engineering […]

KSHMR & DallasK’s “Burn” Re-Released on Spinnin?

Officially released only a couple weeks ago on Revealed Recordings, “Burn” by KSHMR and DallasK is now being released on Spinnin’? After the big spring-time monster “Megalodon”, KSHMR has teamed […]

Mark Ianni’s Massive Minaj-Mix-a-Lot Bootleg!

Mark Ianni – Sydney’s hidden gem – has released bootleg gold once again! “Baby Got Anaconda” featuring the oddly compatible vocals of Nikki Minaj and Sir Mix-a-Lot and it’s for FREE! […]

“Regret” from Hegemon mainstay OBESØN

Dark skies, clouds drawing near and perhaps a little rain. Somber weather is reflective, makes us look at ourselves. What we’ve done or not done. Who we’ve met or not […]

J-Trick – Djs, Deorro, Demo Tapes and More!

Jamie (a.k.a. J-Trick) of Sydney, Australia- A name that has appeared time and time again in festival set track lists. Over the past 2 years, Jamie has shot up through the underground […]