“Call 911 now!” and Other Epic EDM Samples

Let’s talk about samples. We hear them in a vast majority of EDM songs these days. Take Knife Party‘s “Internet Friends” for example. The distinct sound of Apple’s iPhone ringtone […]

2014’s Highest Paid DJs

This year’s list of highest paid DJs is out! And as the popularity of EDM rises, so do these DJs’ salaries. While this year’s list isn’t that different from last year’s, a […]

Get to Know Niko Zografos & Phoria Events

Who is Niko Zografos? CEO of an event company, promising DJ, trance producer and a true lover of music, Niko Zografos is all of the above and more. I had […]

Why Gloving is Not a Crime

The bans on gloving and other LED light shows from EDM shows and festivals are increasing at an incredible rate. While people have been buying high quality light show gloves […]