Weird, Whacky and WTF Music Videos

It’s hard to miss hearing these amazing tracks on the radio and at festivals, but have you seen the whacky videos behind them? Check out four music videos that you probably haven’t seen, […]

Don Diablo releases music video for “Knight Time”

As electrifying as the visuals from the Tron: Legacy, Don Pepijn Schipper (better known as Don Diablo) will have you cruising through the cosmos like the Dark Knight himself in his latest official […]

Bixel Boys on #FREELIFE & Underground Tunes

While vibing out over similar tastes in music, Ian MacPherson and Rob May teamed up as the Bixel Boys after their first song, “Love Like This” turned out to be a huge […]

How intense? ARMIN Only: Intense!

Six hours of Armin van Buuren. Now THAT is intense. Through a sea of blue spotlights, raining confetti and on stage acrobats, Armin did what Armin does best: deliver awe-inspiring […]

Rave Bras – Beneath the skin of a designer

Built around the music, raves and giant festivals have grown into an entire culture. Making the pilgrimage to festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Fest are for […]