Get Supercharged With Johnny Yono

Lange Recordings favorite, Johnny Yono, who just finished the massive Lange 200 collab, is the first one out the gate with a new release and is setting the bar incredibly […]

Today’s “The Day” Nitrous Oxide Returns

Polish trance producer, Nitrous Oxide, prefers the less is more approach when creating and releasing music, giving each track his full heart and soul. and making sure that only excellence […]

Johnny Yono Ascends Into 138

Johnny Yono proved he can make uplifting gold when he unleashed the mechanical banger, “Pulverize”, on Damaged Records last year. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, it highlighted everything we love […]

Talla 2XLC And Daniel Skyver Get Mental!

Talla 2XLC and Daniel Skyver fits right in with Mental Asylum‘s relentless sound. “Split Second” is a 140 monster that leaves no prisoners for any set of ears. From the […]

Johnny Yono Takes Us To The Highways Of Valhalla

Los Angeles trance wizard, Johnny Yono, makes his triumphant return to Armada for the first time since 2012’s The Machine with Juventa. Now on Antillas‘ IHU imprint, The Highways Of […]

Stay In The Evernow With Talla 2XLC

Having an truly accomplished year, Talla 2XLC delivers another uplifting epic on his Tetsuo imprint with the help of Kato. “Evernow” is pure trance with balls. Encapsulating the wonder and […]

Lange Recordings Celebrates Its 200th release!

For years Lange has held a powerful presence in the dance community and is one of the grandmasters of trance music. His imprint, Lange Recordings, has become one of the […]

The Genesis Of Tempo Giusto

A pioneer of the next generation of trance music and the new head honcho of tech trance, Tempo Giusto has been on everyone’s minds. Releasing one relentlessly energetic and power […]

Ferry Tayle Gets Redefined By Tempo Giusto

If you haven’t heard of Tempo Giusto yet, you’re definitely in for a treat. Artists all over the globe are in awe of this young dance wizards ability to create […]

Temple One & Sarah Lynn Shoot For The Stars!

There’s many great trance producers, and then there’s Temple One. Few artists have had their names go as synonymously with quality and majesty as him. Taking a less-is-more approach with […]

Grensta Blows Up This Latest Remix

Ryan Grennen, aka Grensta, has proven to not merely be a formitable live presence but a beast in the studio as well. Having his biggest year yet, releasing tunes on […]

Stephen Kirkwood Gets Wild With Puma!

Stephen Kirkwood is a steady path to the top of the trance food chain. The Lange Recordings prospect has been working closely with Lange himself and is developing a memorable […]