Tchami is at the top of his game!

Future house at this current moment is dominated by two acts: Tchami and Oliver Heldens. Fortunately, I was able to experience both of these artists within the same month – […]

OTB’s Top 5 Trap Artists of 2014

It’s always hard to pick a “Top Whatever List”, regardless of the topic. No matter what you say, or how you pick the list, everyone wants to tweak it… truthfully, […]

Paris Hilton Bombs Another DJ Set…

If you clicked on this article, please take 3-5 minutes to read the rest. Disclaimer: Paris Hilton did not bomb another set. In fact, she is a great entrepreneur. The […]

BOUNCE BOAT – NYC Premier Summer Event

It’s no secret anymore, that one of the best electronic music events of the summer is Bounce Boat (NYC). Week after week, the event organizers put on an amazing show […]


The duo known as Adventure Club is back in NYC and ready to drop another masterful set. A couple months ago, these guys came to EDC NYC and played one […]

Bounce Boat – A One of a Kind EDM Show

Let’s Begin, Shall We? With the increasing popularity that has been seen within Electronic Dance Music, event and production companies are continuously looking for new ways to bring life, fun […]