Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu Create “Bollywood!”

Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu team up to release their monstrous single, “Bollywood,” topping it off with none other than a free download! What a perfect song to close out the […]

Maxim Unveils “Wolf” With MC Cianna Blaze

Coming in hard and heavy, Maxim releases his latest single “Wolf” featuring Cianna Blaze. This is the anthem for their new EP, “Animal Anger” which is set to be released […]

DJ Shadow Drops Liquid Amber EP!

DJ Shadow is kicking off his fall tour and debut of his new record label, Liquid Amber, by releasing the same-named Liquid Amber EP. If this is any indication for what […]

5 Pro Tips For Next Year’s HARD Summer!

HARD Summer: one of the craziest festivals to hit the LA area during the summer circuit festival flurry. If you had the chance to attend this years HARD Summer in Whittier […]