Darren Styles is Returning to Seattle

That’s right, you read that title correctly. Darren Styles is making his return to Seattle for a very special Thursday night show on March 26th, 2015 at Volume Nightclub.

Luke Bond Remixes Gareth Emery Perfectly

With the release of Gareth Emery’s Drive: Refueled album we are presented with some truly extraordinary remixes of some already classic tracks.  Among the list of remixes we see some familiar […]

Paris Blohm Releases His Demons

Let’s face it, all of us have our secrets. Some sort of hidden away thing about us that we don’t really want to share with anyone.

Together We Rise: New Year, New Label

Hello 2015! With a brand new year upon us, there is plenty to look forward to: new music, emerging artists, shows, and much more. One thing you might not consider […]

Tritonal’s Newest Remix is Absolute Fire

One thing that never fails to impress me is the consistency that Tritonal follows. Every release or remix (for the most part) has that gritty electronic sound that is signature […]