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DOGMA: Electronic Music's Bruce Lee

Thursday, December 17, 2015

One of the really cool things about living in Chicago is the staggering magnitude of the music scene here. For the uninitiated, attempting to navigate the various party cliques, musical styles, warehouses, clubs, and house parties that the city has to offer can be maddening. You’ll need a guide. That's where Dan Kelly, AKA DOGMA comes in. That tired story where each DJ will lecture you about the subtle superiority of whatever style they play seems oddly reminiscent of my favorite Bruce Lee film, Tower of Death. At each level of the tower, some master would attempt to school Bruce about the superiority of their respective style. Then they'd die. Bruce Lee was great because he had no style. He just wanted to fly around screaming and karate chopping people in half. Dogma is the Bruce Lee of electronic music. After 2015's track record featuring an eclectic range of experiences, people are beginning to take note. Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.28.16 PMAside from being a regular fixture at THE TRAP HOUSE, I've watched him play filthy basement tech house at afterhours, proper progressive at sound bar, deep house in the Century Room, and electro and dubstep at Porn & Chicken. I even watched him play levels in front of 1,500 wasted wrigleyville bros at a New Year’s party (we still joke about that one. I dared, and he did not disappoint). In the span of a month, he will have gone from delivering the bass music goods in Indianapolis with dubstep phenom Bear Grillz to opening the main room of one of DJ Mags top 100 clubs (TheMID Chicago) for the legendary trance act Cosmic Gate. At the end of the day, people go out because they want to hear good music, make friends, dance, and connect. And at that is precisely where Dogma excels. Fuck club politics and pretentiousness, this dude simply knows how to have a good time. When asked what he thought all of his listeners should know about him, he was quick to de-emphasize himself,
"Dogma isn’t about the man behind the name. It’s about the experience behind the music. The definition of DOGMA is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. That’s where the name came from. My DOGMA is Music. It’s the only thing any two people from any two walks of life can share an experience through regardless of age, sex, race, or beliefs. Music is life, Life is music."
Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.26.20 PMA few weeks ago, I wrote about a number of artists that I predicted would be making waves in 2016, Dogma was among those listed. It seems as though my predictions are already starting to come true, as he’s already sporting an eventful packed calendar in spite of taking time off for some much needed R&R. Most impressively, he will be be providing support for Cosmic Gate this upcoming weekend (December 26) at TheMID. He’ll be ringing in the new year at the Dana Hotel. Then playing an intimate Holy Ship Decompression party at an undisclosed location in Miami on Jan 6. On Jan 26, he will be playing alongside Dabura at Spybar Chicago for DNR’s Transmit Tuesdays. As always, the stream from Transmit Tuesdays will be broadcast on the homepage of OTB. On the 30th, he’ll be found at Tunnel Nightclub in Chicago. And of course, you can find him at the weekly Tuesday event, The Trap House at Chicago’s Crocodile on February 16. Tickets for his upcoming event with Cosmic Gate can be found here, and his NYE ‘16 show here. Be sure to check him out on Facebook, Twitter,  Soundcloud, and his website for up to date tour info, ticket links, and his ever hilarious tweets.