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Behind The Beat: Attlas [Audio Interview]

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Erik Skoog

Attlas has had quite the year. The Canadian born producer crash-landed onto the scene after Deadmau5 dropped his remix of "Aural Psynapse" during 2014's Hard Day of The Dead. Amidst the rumors that Attlas and Deadmau5 were one in the same, the Jeff Hartford continued to produce under the mentorship of Joel Zimmerman, basically given free range to create whatever he felt inspired to in order to experiment and grow as an artist. From haunting dark techno to beautiful serene musical landscapes, Attlas is a master at telling stories with every track he releases. The truth behind his identity was revealed over Pete Tong's radio show during the spring of 2015. Shortly after, he performed his first set (barely over a year ago) alongside Matt Lange and Deadmau5, and has basically been moving non-stop ever since. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff before his show at Q Nightclub in Seattle on July 7th.  Take a listen below. It's an easy twenty-five minutes, trust me. We spent much longer chatting about stuff that didn't make the cut and it still felt like no time at all. Attlas also just released his newest EP Bloom and, no surprise, it's beautiful. Musical, layered with instruments, and inspired by his own opportunity to grow; check it out on Soundcloud.

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