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10 Favorite Pretty Lights Tracks

Friday, June 28, 2013
Sean Peterson

Pretty Lights's long-awaited new album, The Color Map of the Sun, is finally set to release on July 2nd. I have been grinning from ear to ear like a little child waiting for this. I had the pleasure of meeting Derek Vincent Smith after his brilliant set at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia back in November 2010. When my friends and I asked him how he comes up with these ideas for his tracks, he put his hands on his head and started making explosion sounds. We stood there in amaze. We didn't expect anything less of an answer. To get you pumped up and nostalgic, I would like to share with you all my ten favorite Pretty Lights tracks of all-time. This was a difficult list to put together. It's in no particular order. Forever Lost   Gazing At The Glare   Lonesome Street   Total Fascination   I Know The Truth   Hot Like Dimes   Make You Feel   The Time Has Come   I Can See It In Your Face   Hot Like Sauce I would like to end this list with the track that got me hooked on Pretty Lights back when I saw him spin for the first time at Starscape Festival in Baltimore back in June 2010 (RIP Starscape). I just graduated from college, and it was my first electronic dance music festival. When Pretty Lights spun, it made me question why I didn't listen to electronic dance music in college. I then found out that this scene would become a huge part of my life to this day.   What are your ten favorite Pretty Lights tracks? I'd love to hear about it. I didn't include any free downloads as the article description states, but that's because you can always go to Pretty Lights's website and download any of his tracks for free. Be sure to check out his website. It's one of the dopest websites out there. Be sure to download his mobile app for iPhone and Android as well. I have included download links below.   Cheers.  

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