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Eliot Lipp Is An Undeniable Talent

Friday, October 17, 2014
Ashley Ingersoll

Eliot Lipp is one of Pretty Lights Music's greatest treasures. Few DJ's have the range and creativity that Lipp puts into his craft, and his numerous solo albums on several different labels prove how diverse his palette is. While many of Lipp's tracks have the distinctive downtempo, breakbeat sound that PLM is known for, Lipp refuses to be pigeon-holed. Whether it's hip-hop, electro, funk, or soul, Eliot Lipp will find a way to mold it into an experience.

lipp 2

Lipp possesses one of my favorite qualities about an artist: his sound cannot be labeled. Each album introduces a new facet of his talent, and it intrigues the hell out of me. His first album, released in 2004, reads almost like an old jazz record. If Miles Davis had utilized synths and break-beats, Lipp's self-titled LP would have been the result. As his sound evolved his albums became more heavy with electro, although he would always stick to his signature synth-y goodness. Steele Street Scraps channels a jazz/funk vibe synonymous with bands like Medeski, Martin, & Wood, while City Synthesis takes on a darker, deeper sound. In 2012 Lipp released his first album with his current label, Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake. It would take on a more full sound, channeling hip-hop vibes in the vein of Madlib and Prefuse73. Tracks like "The Sunset" and "Gettin Money" featuring fellow PLM artist Michal Menert showcase why Eliot Lipp fits in so well with the group.

Eliot Lipp - The Sunset

Eliot Lipp - Gettin Money ft. Michal Menert

The most recent incarnation of the synth-loving producer is Watch The Shadows, out now for free on Pretty Lights Music. Proving yet again that he will never conform, the album is an eclectic blend of electro, downtempo, and funky beats. The first single, "The Western," is a collaboration with electro-pop duo Cherub of "Doses and Mimosas" fame. Its unique vocals and deep synths give way to funky beats and get your boogie muscles flexing.

Eliot Lipp - The Western ft. Cherub

Along with finishing up a full-length album, Eliot Lipp has been touring with 3 of his PLM brothers, Paul Basic, Michal Menert, and Supervision. They call it the "Keepin' It Crew" tour, and will round out the journey with a final stop in Dallas, Texas this Sunday at the Granada Theater. Pretty Lights Music is one of EDM's most loved labels, and talents like Lipp are what keep it fresh and innovative. You can download Watch the Shadows now at Pretty Lights Music, and keep up with Lipp via Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter!