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Who is Pylot? Wait, is This Tron? Or That New Daft Punk?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

So wait who is this? Monstercat’s newest artist Pylot might be the secret third member of Daft Punk. Need proof? Just take a listen to his or her first track, “After Dark.”

 Pylot - After Dark

The producer woke up one morning with no idea who he was. He was staring at someone new in the mirror. You know that feeling after a long night of partying where questions fill your head with no answers in sight... I imagine something like that. The only clue he has is the word Pylot, embroidered on the motorcycle jacket he woke up wearing and on the license plate of the motorcycle. As a way to remember what is happening, Pylot is releasing journal entries he jots down with each track, check out Entry One below. ENTRY ONE Pylot With one tweet and one Facebook post, Pylot has entered the media-centric society as an unknown. Don’t let the unknown name fool you; he can produce a mean track. “After Dark” sounds like an ode to Daft Punk as Pylot brings a funky beat and a powerful synthesizer melody reminding me of a 70’s disco club. If you can’t get down to this music, you are doing it wrong. Make sure to keep Pylot at the top of your mind as we continue to learn more about this unknown producer in 2015. It will be exciting to see what Pylot creates in the future. Will he be the next Zhu? Only time will tell. Check out “After Dark” on SoundCloud and purchase the tune through the iTunes Store. Keep track of his actions on his Facebook and Twitter and discuss below who you think Pylot is.