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Mr FijiWiji’s “Yours Truly” Receives an Amazing Remix Treatment

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Back in January of 2015 (wow that’s almost a year ago) Mr FijiWiji released a little track called “Yours Truly.” With Danyka Nadeau on vocals, The Pittsburgh native created a chill melodic bass track ready to inject your late night playlist with a shot of the feels. After infecting the ears of many listeners including artists, Monstercat has released a remix pack ready to stimulate your mind, body and soul. Listen to each one of them below.

Mr FijiWiji – Your Truly (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (The Remixes)

The original was so good, Mr FijiWiji couldn’t keep his hands off of it as he opens the remix pack with a VIP mix that will bring pleasure to your subwoofer. The original already had plenty of bass but Brendan wanted more so he rebuilt the drop into a basshead’s dream, rumbling away as Danyka’s vocals sweeps our feet off the ground. Close your eyes, let the song drift you away and enjoy. Summer was Fun grabs us out of the depths with a remix built on the expressive vocals and emotional synths bringing the memories of summer to the forefront of the mind. Remember that time at that festival when all you could do was close your eyes and feel the music? Well this remix might take its place. A smile spreads across my face as I’m reminded of the past and as I look forward to the future. Aaron Jackson brings the drumbeat back, bringing “Yours Truly” to a groovy level perfect for that afternoon when the funk is calling your name. Speeding the pace, Aaron takes the remix from the slow, mind altering original to a head-bobbing, quick-paced breakbeat track that will have listeners hooked from the get-go. Mr FijiWiji picture Monstercat I don’t know about you but it always seems that the 4th track of any album or EP is typically a top-runner for best track. This continues with this remix EP as Vacant produces probably my favorite of the bunch. The minimalist drum based melody, the revolving liquid bass take the track to the next level. Danyka’s vocals are infectious as they are in each remix, but this time they hit some chord. Why this track? I couldn’t tell you. You’ll just have to listen to it yourself. Before you pass on to a new song, check out the last remix of the EP with JIKES. Forest sounds begin the remix as uplifting synths grow the track into a massive trap piece that will blow your mind away. This isn’t your normal four on the floor trap track, JIKES fills the melody with emotions while the drop will have you smiling throughout the entire piece. This might be totally different than the rest of the EP, but it fits perfectly with the bunch and is a perfect addition into your library. Mr FijiWiji continues to prove time and time again that he isn’t just an ordinary 19 year old producer. The Pittsburgh native expands every horizon possible with each release. He even has influenced other artists as they show their support for “Yours Truly” with the remix EP. Check out the release on Monstercat and purchase the tracks now from iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp. Support Mr FijiWiji on his socials and follow Monstercat for many more releases from their growing lineup of artists.

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