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Zander & Left/Right “Can’t Stop” in New Release

Monday, June 06, 2016
Alex Zimmerman

I think it’s time for me to unleash these two artists into your ears if you haven't heard of them yet. Left/Right and Zander, both Dallas natives, collaborated on a massive breakbeat banger, “Can’t Stop.” Dirty bass lines mix with grimey synthesizers and create a track that will have listeners screaming "don't stop." Out now on Punks Music, listen to the track below and don’t stop your feet from dancing around.

Zander & Left/Right - Can’t Stop

I’m going straight to my favorite part…the initial drop. After building a catchy drum beat and incorporating deep vocals, the two artists slam your face with a drop bringing out everyone’s bass face. You know... something like this… [caption id="attachment_37993" align="aligncenter" width="666"]bass face image Este Haim Este Haim's face at Glastonbury 2014 Photo Credit:[/caption] Anothter listener on SoundCloud comments “Oooooh you didn’t,” and I honestly  found myself saying the same thing. The bass line mixes with the drum beat introduced earlier, transforming the track into something that simply doesn’t need to end. Left/Right’s iconic top line synth creeps into the track giving it a perfect vibe for a dark dance floor. Breakbeat may not be the most popular genre out there, but with the resurgence of house and techno, it’s following in its relatives' footsteps, bringing groovy vibes and thumping bass back to the dance halls. Fresh artists are certainly emerging and changing the game with each release. “Can’t Stop” is currently sitting at #3 on the breakbeat chart on Beatport (as of June 5th) so you may want to check out these two Dallas artists. [caption id="attachment_37994" align="alignleft" width="300"]Left/Right Image JavierRuiz Photography Left/Right Photo credit: Javier Ruiz Photography[/caption] Left/Right has been building his career over the past 15 years mastering all aspects of the craft. Working for the PUNKS label along with the BRØKEN brand, Chris Lund has quite the collection of tracks in the breakbeat spectrum that are definitely worth a listen. Check out “Sweat,” his remix of Jamie XX’s “Gosh,” or his recent remix of Cloaka and Hypho’s “Proto.”

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[caption id="attachment_37995" align="alignright" width="200"]LAN Zander Pic Sound Guy Photos Zander Lights All Night Photo Credit: Sound Guy Photos[/caption] Zander has become a household name in the Dallas scene as the creator of PRIME Night Cult, which now puts on countless events in the area. Like Left/Right, he also has a hand in PUNKS and BRØKEN, and he spends the rest of his free time producing catchy drum beats and dub synths. It's no surprise that when these two got together for a collaboration, it turned out to be something special.

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Give “Can’t Stop” a listen and if you like what you hear, it is available on Beatport. Be sure to follow both Left/Right and Zander on social media and check back with Only The Beat frequently for your latest tracks and event reviews in the electronic music industry.    

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