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Afterlife Recap and This Weekend's Show Announcement

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This time around I'm going to attempt to get two birds stoned at once by writing up a brief review of last Saturday's Afterlife show; then I'll right into what the fine people organizing that event have in store for us this upcoming Saturday. Buckle your seat belts, press play, and read on. I'm going to start by saying that prior to announcing their event, I'd never heard of Lo'99 or Hatiras. I'm admittedly very narrow in my musical tastes; typically sticking to bouncy tech house shows with the occasional techno, deep, or downtempo show thrown in for good measure. Until lately, I've only ventured out of those genres whenever my friends have dragged me off to whatever it is they're into. Doing these Afterlife events has become a way of pushing myself that I've grown to look forward to. Both Hatiras and Lo'99 absolutely murdered their sets. I'll be honest and say that I didn't get to spend as much time actively listening to Hatiras's set as I'd have liked. I was mostly bouncing around socializing early in the night. I will say that there were several points where he pulled me out of whatever I was doing and brought me into the moment of dancing. Then Lo'99 went on. At the beginning of the night, he'd asked me to turn off all of my streaming and video recording gear for his set. When I ran over to shut everything down, I hung out behind the DJ booth for awhile and took in his workflow from a more active perspective. One thing that I noticed was how BUSY he was! I've seen a lot of DJ riders that require 3 or 4 decks, but he legitimately put all 3 decks to work. His turntablism skills were off the chain! At several points I caught him scratching and using backspin as a musical element rather than as a cheesy way to mix from one track to another. All in all I walked away from that DJ booth feeling humbled knowing that I still have much to learn. Now let's talk about this Saturday. I'm particularly excited for this one because it's a breaks night. I've been noticing an increasing number of breakbeats in new tracks coming out. My favorite tracks to play lately have featured some form of amen breakbeat. Breaks are kind of hit-or-miss with me. Either I am losing my mind on the dance floor, or I'm highly annoyed. You'll have to wait until next week's review to find out which reaction I have to this night. Regardless, I look forward to continuing my musical education. While DJ Icey may call himself the Merchant of Boom, his sound is decidedly breaks. With roots that include Miami Bass, 90s Hip Hop, Freestyle and Acid House; a highly danceable breakbeat style becomes apparent. After listening to the set posted above, I'm very curious to see him headline. Supporting DJ Icey is Keith Mackenzie. After having toured extensively across the US and Europe, Keith has settled in Chicago for the time being. You can also catch local acts that include Goodsex, Dangerwayne, Kikho, and DJ Shortbus. Doors open at 10. Dress codes are fucking lame. Buy your tickets here. Tell your facebook friends that you're going here.