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Behind The Beat: John Digweed

Monday, June 17, 2013

What better day than Father's Day to take a moment apart from big drops & pop vocals, to  honor and appreciate our pre-EDM-Era Forefather, John Digweed. More of a present to me than to him, I was able to exchange some words with this legendary DJ over email. OTB: You've bookended your busy European touring season with gigs in Detroit and NYC - I speak for all your American fans by saying "Thank You!" How would you characterize American crowds and venues, relative to those abroad? John Digweed: I have been lucky enough to have been coming the the USA since the early 90`s, and I have seen the scene grow from small clubs to massive arenas and festivals for electronic music. The thing with electronic music is it has crossed every continent so it does not matter what language you speak, you can get the same reaction from a crowd in South America, Asia or Europe as you can in the States. I love The Vagabond in Miami as well as a new club in Brooklyn called Output that has a no VIP/ Bottle service and no camera`s policy which keeps everybody focused on the dance floor. OTB: Do you have a favorite place to spin? Do you have a place you've always wanted to play a gig and haven't yet? John Digweed: Argentina, Japan , Europe and Ibiza are some of my favourite places to play along side the states. I think I have played pretty much every legendary club in the world, and I still keep playing amazing gigs so I could not be happier. OTB: Turning specifically to your newest album, "Live in Slovenia", how did you select the tracks you were going to play in that set? Does your style change at all knowing that the set is being recorded for an album? John Digweed: The  idea behind these “LIVE IN” albums is that I never know where they are going to come from. I record every gig I do and there is always one gig that just seems to pop that little bit more than some of the others, so if the tracklistings look like they wont be too much trouble to clear we crack on reaching out to the labels. The party in Slovenia was really good and I think you can feel the energy of the room in this mix and that’s why I decided to release it. Also I think that people still like to have a physical CD, expecially if they went to the party, or are fans building their collection. OTB: Considering your longevity as a DJ, what's left as far as your goals? John Digweed: My goal is to keep giving a 100% at every gig, pushing new and exciting music to people who want to hear it. My record label also allows me to introduce and showcase some of the amazing new talent that's out there. OTB: Do you listen to music in your downtime, or are you happy for the break? If so, who are some of your favorite musical artists? John Digweed: To be honest, with the record label I spend most of my time listening to demos, so I am glad to give the ears a break every now and again. Apart from his overall successes in the USA, John Digweed has has been doing NYC justice for many years now, at venues such as Governors Island. I, for one, am counting down the days until Electric Zoo Festival 2013 where I can catch him headlining the Sunday School Grove on Saturday, August 31. In the meantime, I am laying low, grooving out to The John Digweed Podcast.

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