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Crossing Genres: EDM and Indie Meet for the Perfect Summer Music

I'm all about listening to some sort of electronic music for probably around half of my day.  It's a great type of music, and there's always a good time to listen to one of its genre's. Michael Woods was my partner in crime this morning as I sped down the freeway on my morning commute because honestly, nothing will really wake me up in the morning quite like some Progressive/Electro house.  However, the other half of my time is spent between a lot of indie, reggae, some hip-hop and even a little classical (judge me). I've been on a big indie kick lately, especially with the summer weather and tracks from groups such as Washed Out, Portugal. The Man, Youngblood Hawke and more.  Michael Woods may be the kick-starter for my morning commute, but you'll definitely hear me blasting something a bit different on my sunny car ride home.  Nothing says summer to me more than great vocals, live instruments and a beat that isn't always set at 145.  That said, the genres of indie/live instruments and EDM have the potential to make some fantastic music together, which is what I'm sharing with you today.  Below are a number of tracks and remixes that will have everyone at your BBQ/pool party/bonfire/whatever movin' and groovin'. Bakermat - Vandaag I give Big Gigantic props along with this guy for making the sax cool again (I used to play, so I get super stoked when I hear it in tracks).  Netherlands-based Bakermat is able to mix the perfect blend of tech house and instrumentals together to make music that will keep you tapping your feet until the very last note.  At first you'll be like "Dafuq? Is this Martin Luther King?" But then the saxophone comes in and you're all, "Awww yeeahhhh."   Bakermat has been around for a little while now, and I'm totally kicking myself for just discovering him recently.  Definitely check out the rest of his songs, including "Zomer," because who the hell can pull off putting a flute in house music??  This guy.  Want more sax? Klingande's "Jubel" will also get your feet moving. Say Lou Lou - Julian (Monsieur Adi Remix) I'll get a little bit more house-y for this one.  Say Lou Lou consists of Swedish twin sisters Elektra and Miranda Kilbey, and these girls have some of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.  The original of this track is just as amazing, with its dreampop beats taking you away.  Don't want to relax and head to bed just yet? Not to fear friends, as one of my favorite Parisians, Monsieur Adi, has put a little more upbeat spin on it.  It was a hard choice to pick this remix or his remix of Swiss Lips'  "U Got The Power" so I recommend checking them both out. Feel The Love - Rudimental These guys are described as an "electronic music quartet" which I think couldn't be more spot on.  I know this song is a little old, but it's amazing to play in the car while you're driving down the freeway with the windows down and sun on your face.  What other singing group can so seamlessly incorporate drum and bass with their vocals and trumpet?  I dare you to find anyone else.  I also dare you to listen to this and not feel happy. Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix) Ahh, Good ol' RAC; the man who brought me fantastic remixes of Foster The People's "Houdini," Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans" and tracks from other indie artists like Tokyo Police Club, Two Door Cinema Club and The Temper Trap.  Now, before you press play, get rid of any predispositions you may have about this remix; I'm a big reggae fan and when I first saw this I was a little insulted and at the same time curious. "How dare you remix Bob Marley," I thought, remembering other remixes of the reggae legend which quite plainly SUCKED. This though, this I really like.  If you're out at the beach, someone will probably bust out Bob Marley and it will probably be this song.  There's so much great reggae out there that "Could You Be Loved" is almost a bit...overplayed to me. So, thank RAC for revamping this track to give it a new flavor. We love you Bob, RIP, and we'll always love the original...but this is a nice change. Tube & Berger - Imprint of Pleasure The guitar intro definitely pulled me in on this one.  This duo from Germany has been making fantastic tunes since their first big hit, "Straight Ahead" in 2004.  You'll also know these guys from their 2010 single "Free Tribe" that was on Volume 2 of their charitable album "It Began in Africa."  Since then, their sound has definitely changed quite a bit and they now have settled into catchy deep house that's sure to give chill vibes to any party you're hosting this summer. Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix) Now I know we've already covered this track on OTB when it was released, but I think it's a MUST for your summer playlist.  Flume has had the ability to take tracks that everyone already loves and make them even better.  I'd recommend playing this one at your next summer dinner party; it's got just the right amount of string quartet swag to add some class to your evening (appropriate, as he's categorized it as "Orchestral Crunkwave").  I'm seeing him in just over a month and have become quite the Flume fan girl, so I highly recommend checking out the rest of his stuff. Blackstreet - No Diggity (Bondax Edit) Right right, this original track isn't indie at all.  But come on, if someone threw "No Diggity" on at a BBQ, what would you do?  Sing?  Dance?  All of the above? You betcha.  I started following Bondax and Flume around the same time, and this is by far one of my favorite remixes of his yet.  He gives this classic a bit more of a dance-y feel, without hiding any of the song's original sound.  Definitely listen to his most popular song, "Gold" as well, it'll leave you wanting to dance with your date at that fantastic waterfront rooftop bar.  The best part?  This one is a free download :) Aaron Smith - Dancin (KRONO Remix) Maybe you've just been out at a concert, or a busy club/bar, or everyone at your house party has either gone home or passed out on your couches.  You're not quite ready for bed, but you're definitely in chill mode.  Turn on this track and relax, because KRONO's remix of Dancin takes a normally upbeat track (the original was released in 2006), changes out female vocals for male, and puts a funky spin on that only French electro house can provide.  Their remixes of Calvin Harris'  "We'll Be Coming Back" and "Maniac" from Flashdance (no, I'm not kidding) are awesome too. The Kite String Tangle - Given The Chance Another slower jam, this song is Australian TKST's first big hit after a few remixes and tracks released within the last year.  Danny Harley says that he's been inspired by groups such as Active Child and Mount Kimbie, and his ambient beats along with cooing vocals are sure to be a great post-date car ride jam.  Just imagine heading down the dark road, streetlights flashing past with the repetitive sound of "girl, you know I like you" filling the car, then you look at each other and...anyway, just listen to it. It's a damn good song. The Other Tribe - Skirts Let's go back to the more upbeat tunes.  There's birds, there's xylophones, for God's sake the entire song is about summertime so it's a perfect fit.  Again, not a new one but if you haven't heard of The Other Tribe, this song along with their newest "My Girl," will be great beachside or poolside music to get your tan on to.  These six guys from Bristol rep a menage of punk, indie and Empire of the Sun-esque outfits which is definitely different like their genre-blending beats.   It was a toss-up which song to feature (I like Skirts better), but I've listed both below for your listening pleasure.