Brighten Up Your Day With A Trip To Miami With Kygo

Miami 82 Gets A Fresh Remix Thanks To Kygo

Recently I did a post on 9 EDM artists who I feel are doing a lot of the scene and really progressing the genre of electronic music. One of those artists is the Norwegian Kygo, and he is back with a new remix to cheer your day up.

Known for his lighthearted upbeat sounds that can sooth even the most restless soul and beautiful lyrics that can sing to the heart, Kygo releases his new remix of Syn Cole’s “Miami 82” and it does not disappoint. The familiar Kygo sounds draw you in and don’t let go throughout the entire track while the vocals are spot on and mesh perfectly with Kygo’s beautiful style. This song will bring a smile to your face, or at least a bob to your head as you listen through.

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Kygo will be making his first North American performance later this year in Vancouver up in good old Canadia. I highly recommend going if you have the means to. It will be one to remember.

Ticketing Information Can Be Found Here

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Matthew Jager
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