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Fedde Le Grand & DI-RECT - 'Where We Belong' (Bakermat Remix)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ooh I love me some Fedde Le Grand, especially when it's one of his amazing vocal-filled tracks like 'Where We Belong'. This hit is one that we've all heard during a festival set, during a mainstage performance when the artist playing wants to take a little break from their hard-hitting big room bangers and everyone breaks out into song, hands in the air and eyes closed, soaking up the sunshine...until that drop of course. ;) I really didn't see any great remixes come out of this track upon its release last fall (sorry, Zomboy), so I didn't expect any new ones to be released. Cue Bakermat. I've been following Bakermat pretty closely since last summer, because his ménage of deep house and the use of live instruments is something that you rarely find put together this flawlessly by any electronic artist. This remix definitely softens the track quite a bit, but not in a way that you would find boring by any means. Think "roll your windows down on the deserted freeway at 3 am" type soft. An awesome bonus for this track? It's a free download. It's great to see that this young Dutch producer is starting to get the recognition that he deserves from the world's Soundcloud listeners; he's had tracks and EPs on a number of European charts but with 40k listens on this track within 24 hours, I think Bakermat's music will be known far and wide. Be sure to check out his other releases, like his biggest hit, 'Vandaag' which features some awesome live saxophone that he's known to use in live sets. What do you think of Bakermat and this new remix? Curious to give the original a listen and jog your memory?