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Lane 8 - Why am I so Obsessed???

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Tony Apfelbeck

The sound of Lane 8 has me captivated and I think that maybe I'm starting to get at some of the reasons I can't put his tracks away. I found his music for the first time on AnjunaDeep 05 this summer among the incredible and eclectic sounds of the AnjunaDeep family and revisited that same sound with his amazing Group Therapy Guest Mix but it's taken me this long to start to sit down and ask myself what it is exactly I love about his music. I've described it to my friends as some sort of perfect marriage between the elements I love of atmospheric trance and the groovy feel of deep house. I don't really have any other way to describe it. I hear these lovely warm pads that slowly drip from the speakers like honey punctuated by the most tastefully mixed percussion. I get shaker sounds that sound like the inhalation of a summer breeze floating around crisp and dry rim sounds that fall in the frequency range of claps. There can be no question that the percussion groove is absolutely perfect in its minimalism.

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Overall, the songs sound so smooth and warm. It came to me as I was listening to some of his tracks that I picked up on Beatport just recently that I could hear the softest breath of real media in the signature of these songs and I realized that Daniel Goldstein's sound is securely anchored in that aesthetic. By real media I mean vinyl and tape. Listen again to his songs and hear what I mean. In the break of "The One" or his remix of "C O O L" you can hear the softest sigh of a slowly rotating vinyl and the buttery warmth of tape recording. I haven't sat with him in the studio ever (I wish!) but, if he's not using some really tasty plugins, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he is physically bouncing his tracks to tape or vinyl and re-sampling them to get this kind of flavor. My god what a sound it is! All I can say is, I'm probably going to drive my friends nuts with how much I talk about Lane 8 but there is a reason that I can't shut up about his music and if you can't hear the absolutely gorgeous quality of the sound in these mixes, you just aren't listening.