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Roger Sanchez Returns as Alter Ego S-Man with "Dangerous Thoughts"

Wednesday, May 07, 2014
Hannah King

Roger Sanchez first debuted his darker, more underground, alter ego "S-Man" in 1994 and this year, after a long hiatus, he is back with a 4 track remix suite of "Dangerous Thoughts," that boasts some deep, dancey Ibiza vibes. This release marks the debut of his new record label, UNDR THE RADR. The original is followed by an S-Man dub mix, followed by a more rowdy and synthy remix by Amine Edge & DANCE, then rounded out with a groovy remix from Man Without a Clue. I am way too stoked to see more quality deep house come from "S-Man" and the UNDR THE RADR label this year.