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Sometimes you just need a little Mariah Carey in your life

Tuesday, June 03, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

I like to think sometimes that tracks find me. It seems like the world has a way of delivering music to us at just the right time. This time, well, I just needed some Mariah in my life. And yes, I did purposely chose a photo of her from 1999. I like to remember her that way. edm There are a few pop stars that I really enjoy crossovers from, Mariah, Katy Perry, CeCe Peniston to name a few, I just have so much respect for the powerful female vocal. It can really make or break a track and I think NOT having a vocalist is am issue a lot of young producers run into. If you ARE a vocalist, do your dance music loving friends a favor and get your ass on a track. If you know a vocalist, convince them to widen their scope of work and get into the dance music game. It's definitely the right time to try. We need more good vocalists. We could use a few more diva's. And no, those basic bitches from Krewella don't count. This is a deep house remix, you're gonna want to listen. Mariah Carey - You're Mine (Eternal) (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Remix)

Mariah Carey - You're Mine (Eternal) (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Remix)

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