Disclosure Just Made Your Friday Even Better

British brother powerhouse duo, Disclosure, have re-worked a classic by Pharrell. It finally happened and it’s everything we dreamt it would be.

Another one of Disclosure’s creations they enjoy sharing on SoundCloud just made your Friday even brighter than it already was. Revamping what Guy and Howard Lawerence call, “one of our favourite songs ever”, this remix takes one of our favorite Pharrell tracks to the next level with a funky house vibe that accompanies the star’s unique voice perfectly along with a feature from Mr Hova, Jay-Z. Bringing the tempo up a bit adds good soulful energy that doesn’t override the original R&B vibe. Even better news: the boys have decided that they might give away this gem as  free download if they reach their goal of a million fans on Facebook.





Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Elizabeth’s love for electronic music is as strong as her love for pizza. Her music taste ranges across the board as a self-proclaimed trance, deep house and dubstep snob. Living the dream in San Diego she enjoys the beach, writing and drinking champagne at all hours of the day.
Elizabeth Ninivaggi
- 5 hours ago
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