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Kristain Nairn Is DJ Hodor, But Is He Any Good?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Matthew Jager

hodor 3 Celebrity DJ’s generally get the black mark in the electronic music community. They are seen as a sell out trying to cash in on the booming EDM bubble and are solely in it for the money. This may be true in some cases, but what about Kristain Narin? Better known from a little show called Game Of Thrones, Kristain plays everyones favorite giant and helper of Brandon Stark, Hodor. The concept seems like a strange fantasy straight from some EDM and GoT loving nerd’s brain but this is real life. So the question becomes, is DJ Hodor any good or is he a flash in the pan trying to get some cash on the side of filming Game Of Thrones? The answer…he is good! After skeptically listening to a few of his tracks, and sincerely enjoying most of them, I am completely sold on his abilities as a producer and DJ. He has a few mixes demonstrating his DJ skills too. The sets are well mixed and kept me entertained and grooving along the entire time. With more old school trance/house vibes as well as deep house, Kristain puts on a style of set rarely seen in today’s big room world. Is he the best DJ i have ever heard? No, but he is at the very least a solid DJ and breaks the stereotype that all celebrity DJs are terrible money driven fiends who only DJ and taint our sacred EDM to get a quick buck. Hodor is planning on playing a 6 stop tour in August called the “Rave Of Thrones” in Australia, and I can say that if I was down under, I would totally go see a set from him. Unlike most celebrity DJs who play main stream music, Hodor takes us on a more underground journey, and is willing to carry us the whole way there on his back as well. He is sure to ignite dance floors quicker than if Danny brought all three of her dragons to the club. Check out DJ Hodor’s Soundcloud to hear the rest of his songs and remixes.
tumblr_mp6atax3V31qa5hqoo1_250Shush Brandon. Let DJ Hodor do his thing.
With any luck, us here in the States will eventually be able to attend a Rave Of Thrones and get down to some good house music, Stark style. If you are fortunate enough to live in Australia, make sure to catch Kristain at one of his Rave Of Thrones Tour dates listed below.

August 28th – The Hi Fi, Sydney
August 29th – Secret Warehouse, Brisbane
August 30th – Villa, Perth
September 4th – Prince Bandroom, Melbourne
September 5th – Discovery, Darwin
September 7th – Zhivago, Adelaide