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The Future of EDM - How about Rick Ross?

Friday, July 25, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

A few weeks ago I posted a BBC Radio 1 podcast episode from Jamz Supernova about the rise of Future R&B, a genre I believe will be responsible for the wide spread acceptance of Deep House, ultimately, making it the "next big thing" in the US. It's been less than a month since my article about Future R&B and I've already started to witness occurrences of this musical movement towards a hybrid of Deep House and R&B. I logged into my personal Soundcloud this morning to browse new tunes as I started my day in the office. The first track that instantly popped out at me was a recent upload from Cyril Hahn, one of my favorite Deep House artists, someone I've covered a lot, and a guy that puts on an amazing live show. I've included his new track Slow Ft. Rochelle Jordan for you below.

Cyril Hahn - Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan

It's another win for Cyril Hahn, another great track to add to his resume, but what really surprised me, and inspired me to write this article, was the track that Soundcloud recommended next....
People who played Cyril Hahn - Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan also played:

Cassie | "Numb" ft Rick Ross

Cassie and Rick Ross's track Numb  came up next in my queue as a related sound...even though none of the tags or meta data for the tracks are similar. What I mean by that, is Soundcloud's only real reason for pairing them up, is the fact that people who are listening to Cassie and Rick Ross are also listening to Cyril Hahn - Listen to both tracks and you can tell why. We may be even farther along this road than I imagined. I hope so. Looking for a more recent example? I was too, and I found one. Just listen to this track from Rustie, it was published to Soundcloud as "#Electronic" just two days ago...Yet, the lyrics make it sound more like a hip-hop track in my opinion:

Rustie - Attak (feat. Danny Brown)

We all know we're at a tipping  point with this commercial electro-house bullshit. A few people are going to strike it rich but our generation is too smart to fall for this for much longer. I'd rather see Rick Ross and Cassie perform Numb than sit through another festival full of Elektro BANGERZ. So I for one, will welcome this Deep House and Future R&B revolution with open arms - will you? Don't be last.

~It's more than music~