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X5IGHT Releases New EP 5:00 Shadow

Monday, August 11, 2014
Matthew Jager

Take a trip down the darker deeper side of house music with X5IGHT’s new EP titled “5:00 Shadow.” The three track EP has an overall minimal tone to it while having rich bass lines and intriguing progressive and electro sounds mixed in. Compared to their previous releases, “5:00 Shadow” has deeper tones to it taking the road of a darker and more minimal deep house. The first track on the EP, “The Luckiest Man” starts off lighter and works its way into the darker sounds. Featuring sampled vocals, progressive highs and dark lows, it is the perfect song to get you into the vibe of the rest of the album as it shows off the more traditional style from X5IGHT. “Hawkeye,” the second track on the EP and my personal favorite, mixes things up. The track takes listeners on a journey through a dark soundscape of minimalist house and deep house vibes, however X5IGHT’s progressive style can still be heard throughout the track. “Hawkeye” strays further from X5IGHT’s established style and I appreciate how they are trying something new and different and have really succeeded at creating a beautiful darker deep house sound. The third and final track titled “Mayday” follows up on the darker sounds of Hawkeye but adds a more dance inspired tone to it. With a grungier bass line and more intricate drum parts, “Mayday” has less of the minimalist feel and instead focuses more on the deep house vibes. The same dark deep house vibe can be found in this track much like “Hawkeye,” but for their finale X5IGHT has made a fantastic piece of dance infused repetitive dark deep house with a very unique style and feel to it.   tumblr_mr00sabTME1sd2dl7o1_500   X5IGHT’s new EP “5:00 Shadow” is a wonderful piece of work showcasing the duo’s signature progressive style while bringing in some new and unique dark deep house tones that really showcase the talent and progressive mindset that X5IGHT has. 5:00 Shadow is out now on Your EDM Records. Stream the full EP on Soundcloud or purchase it from Beatport. Free download for "The Luckiest Man" available too. Links below.

Stream Full EP On Soundcloud

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Free Download "The Luckiest Man"