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Panda Gives The Deep Treatment to 3LAU's "How You Love Me"

Tuesday, September 09, 2014
Nolan Oribello

3LAU's energetic single "How You Love Me," feat. Bright Lights receives a deep makeover.

Less Is More

Fresh off their appearance on The Anjunadeep Edition 16, up-and-coming UK trio Callum, Benny, and Charlie--collectively known as Panda--bring us a refreshing deep house remix.  Taking a minimalist approach, not only have Panda stripped down the song to melodic percussion and sliced-up vocal snippets, they've created an entirely new song in the process.

3LAU - How You Love Me feat Bright Lights (Panda Remix)

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The Anjunadeep Edition 16 With Panda

Tasty Transformation

Panda samples the verses with scrutinizing efficiency, sprinkling the track with delicious innuendo that settle into a succulent groove. Choice vocal morsels such as "open up your eyes," "second chance," and "simple truth," are playfully interwoven and flirtatiously repeated over a massaging bass line, giving Bright Lights's once scathingly scolding vocals a smoldering new sexy and seductive undertone. It's a surprisingly welcomed change in mood and context from 3LAU's original track. Smooth, sensual, and rhythmic this sizzling remix will have sweaty bodies on the dance floor long after the summer is over.

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